SONY DSCWho am I: My name is Shalaya Kipp. I’m a runner, an Olympian, a grad student, a cook, and a scientist.

My philosophy: One of the best pieces of advice someone ever gave me was, “live the runner’s lifestyle“. At the time I had no idea what “living the runner’s lifestyle” really meant. But gradually through the years I’ve learned it not just how I can exhaust my body, but how to rest and to replenish thoughtfully afterward. It is how you treat your body when you are not running that really defines your lifestyle. You’ll notice my posts have a science beat; as an aspiring scientist, I’m always curious about the underlying impacts of different foods on the human body. 

What I cook: I’m about simple, fresh food. The runner is a machine that demands high grade fuel. Would you give a ferrari gummy bears? (Ok, maybe on occasion.) 

How I’ve learned: Being a collegiate runner, and now a professional runner, I’ve really come to appreciate cooking. As a college student (now grad student) and runner, I’m constantly torn between my wallet, my watch and my body. Most college students my age are fine living off the time and money saving diet of top ramen and cold pizza. But I know there is a better stuff out there. I’ve learned to cook fast and with though of what I’m putting into my stomach. 

My main research interests involve running biomechanics and energetics. I currently study Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado Boulder.
Shalaya 3
3,000 meter steeplechase.
2012 Olympic Trials.
London 2012


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